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Unmatched Power & True Torque Control with Minimal Effort and Maintenance-Free Operation.

Power-Dyne has been around since the 1970’s and a trusted Bidwell brand for almost 30 years. Our wrenches are used on heavy equipment, pumps, pipelines and turbines in a multitude of industries. All Power-Dyne mechanical wrenches are manufacturer-approved aircraft maintenance tools.


Ring Gears Transmissions Track Bolts Engines Head Bolts


Heat Exchangers Compressors Pumps


Coke Furnaces Rollers Blast Gate Valves Strip Mill Bearings


Compressors Jet Engines Explosive Bolts


Reactors Flanges Anchor Studs Boiler Feed Pumps


Boilers Valves Pump Assemblies Drying Presses


Manway Covers Pipe Flanges Compressors Valves


Chain Locks Tunnel Drills Crushers


Bearing Mounts Crane Tower Bolts Flanges


Propeller Drives Loading Equipment Steam Chests Propeller Shaft Bearings

Power, Performance and Portability…


High-strength fasteners for critical applications require massive and accurate torque. Field maintenance operations demand portability and problem-free operation. The solution is an innovation in wrench technology – mechanical wrenches from Power-Dyne.

High tensile-strength steel bolts used to fasten critical components of military vehicles and equipment, aerospace vehicles, heavy machinery and equipment for petrochemical mining and construction must be properly stretched when torqued. Overstressed fasteners are prone to breakage. Understressed fasteners encourage fatigue failure and leakage. An unequally stressed series of fasteners promote gasket and casting distortion. The results are product liability, reduced product life, field failure and consequent damage and injury.

Standard bar torque wrenches are limited to the amount of muscle power that can be applied. Conventional torque multipliers augment muscle power but sacrifice accuracy. Electrical or pneumatic tools require a power source, which usually restricts their use to the limited area where power is available. No other method of tightening fasteners combines the accuracy, portability, and ease-of-use found with Power-Dyne mechanical wrenches.

The design of the mechanical wrench is simple, yet sophisticated. A lightweight, cast aluminum housing contains the precision worn gear drive, which is permanently sealed and lubricated. A hydraulic bellows system converts the wrench reaction forces to hydraulic pressure for direct readout on a Bourdon tube or digital gage.  Measurement of output torque can be in any unit of torque you desire (i.e., pound-feet, pound-inches, N-m, etc.). A protractor is provided on certain models to measure the degree of turn. Reaction loads are absorbed through an adaptor attached to the output face of the housing.



Bar Torque Convenience with Multiplied Output

The SIDEWINDER® is a truly versatile innovation. Its rugged wrench body incorporates an integral reaction arm for final rundown in even limited clearance areas. Up to 300 ft-lbs of output torque with only an input of 8 ft-lbs is produced from a 7-1/2″ multiplier in a package weighing only 5 pounds, without stacks of multipliers or special adaptors. Output torque readout senses relaxation when tightening stops. Dual-sided, 3/8″ input drives accomodate commercial rachet handles. Accuracy is to within ±2% of reading.


Lightweight Powerhouse

Model PD-602 weighs only 12 pounds, yet has the capacity to produce up to 600 ft-lbs of output torque for tightening or breakaway. The direct readout is accurate to within ±2% of reading. The compact size, lightweight and high torque capacity of the PD-602 make it ideal for field applications. Originally designed to apply torque to the M-60 (T-142) tank track components, the PD-602 readily adapts to the needs of construction equipment and aircraft maintenance.


The Model PD-603, weighing only 12 lbs. and capable of achieving an output of 600 ft-lbs, has an added extra feature in a digital torque readout. The readout, which can be automatically converted from in-lbs to N-m, keeps the operator in control while lessening confusion. The PD-603, designed primarily for use in aircraft applications, incorporates an internal spline drive (Reference #: PWC-64206, Service Tool). Accuracy is to within ±2% of reading.

PD-1201, PD-2501, PD-6501 and PD-20001 MECHANICAL WRENCHES

Field-Proven Performance and Optimum Versatility


Requires only 10 ft-lbs of input to produce up to 1,200 ft-lbs of output torque.

Weighs 22lbs.


Medium-duty range of torque from 0 to 2,500 ft-lbs with only 14 ft-lbs of input.

Weighs 37lbs.


Output is from 0 to 6,500 ft-lbs of torque, with 25 ft-lbs of input.

Weighs 70lbs.

Models PD-1201 (PWC-31050), PD-2501, PD-6501 and PD-20001 mechanical wrenches feature the superior accuracy, output/input ratios and portability of Power-Dyne mechanical wrenches in three specific ranges of torque output. These models have been proven in field service military applications as highly accurate and versatile tools for many decades. All are accurate to within ±2% of reading. Not pictured is the PD-20001, our 20,000 ft-lbs model. If you are interested in this level of torque, please contact us.


The Model PD-1501 Digital Readout Torque Wrench reduces confusion and operator error.  Operating with either crank, rachet wrench, air or electrically powered 3/8″ square drive input, and weighing a mere 27lbs., the PD-1501 is capable of attaining 1,500 ft-lbs with a manual input of only 15 ft-lbs. An LCD display with accompanying controls also keeps the operator in control. The readout can be automatically converted from in-lbs to ft-lbs to N-m. The wrench also incorporates an internal spline drive (Reference #: PWC-41050, Service Tool).


With Precise Friction Control

Model PD-1220-B is similar in design and has the same output capacity as the Model PD-1201, but with an added feature – a 20:1 gear ratio for faster run-down of nuts. A pre-set friction control ratchet allows the operator to safely back-off the mechanical wrench from the fastener once proper torque is achieved. Weight is 29lbs.


For Extreme Make-Up and Breakaway Torques

This wrench weighs only 65lbs and can produce 12,000 ft-lbs of torque with a manual input of only 35 lbs. It offers the highest torque/weight ratio of any mechanical wrench in existence. The gear train will hold load at any torque without any kick-back at the operator. Simply reversing the direction of the input will free the tool from the work.
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