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Only a classic stands the test of time…

Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a family-owned and operated business in Middletown, Connecticut and has endured for more than three decades as a leading manufacturer of several product lines including Power-Dyne (active), Rapidprint (active), Magnagrip (inactive) and Contemporary Products (inactive).  Bidwell Industrial Groups, Inc. also owns and manages the properties at 2055 and 2081 South Main Street in Middletown, each independently designated LLCs – Tisbury (front property) and Oaks (rear property).

The history of our oldest product line links back to the 1930’s, when Rapidprint was produced in New York City under the brand names Acme and Ajax. In the 1940’s, Rapidprint (owned by Raymond Engineering) moved to Middletown and grew to be the largest provider of automated date, time, numbering, and check signing machines to the United States government as well as the insurance industry, the New York Stock Exchange, hospitals, banking and municipalities across the country. The inception and incorporation of Bidwell Industrial Group centered around the purchase of the Rapidprint brand in 1987, and other product lines such as our Power-Dyne, Blu-Ray/Magnagrip and Contemporary Products brands were eventually acquired and operated under the new business umbrella.

Today, Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc. stands strong, surviving economic shifts, changes in technology, a pandemic and other challenges to remain a leading force in manufacturing and product maintenance. At the height of our manufacturing heyday, Bidwell Industrial Group, Inc. employed more than 90 staff members.


Power-Dyne is an active product line, currently focused on mechanical wrenches and bolt gage production.  In addition, we provide servicing, maintenance, calibration and certification of Power-Dyne wrenches to our customer base from around the globe. For more information about this product line, click on the “Learn More” button.

Our commitment to the Rapidprint product line is currently in a state of transition as the demand and stock levels of Rapidprint machines dwindles. The bulk of our work involves maintenance and inspection of current machines from all over the country and world. Click the “Learn More” button for information about available products.



Large Document Processing/The Instant Workshop Organizers &
The Instant Home Organizer

Contemporary Products

respiratory products for the home, alternate site, EMS, and hospital marketplaces and industrial equipment for the calibration industry.

Rapidprint – Inactive

VAR-E Series, Vertical Printing Stamps, Service Stamps, Automatic Checksigner (C650), Time/Date/Number Recorder (C724)

Power-Dyne – Inactive

Hydraulic Wrenches – Rack series, HWLP series, hydraulic pumps

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